Adding Client Users

In this article we will walk you through the process of creating a client user, or in other words a user that is subject to random testing. If you are looking to create an agency user (which has access to the portal backend), please click here for those instructions.

To begin, you must log into the portal backend as a valid Agency user and then click "User Management" to bring up the user management tool:

Once you have brought up the user manager, click "+ Client" to add a new Client user to your system:

This will bring up the new Client form which must be filled out in order to create a new user. Below is an example of this form and the meaning of each field:

  • (1) The first name and last name of the Client being added
  • (2) The e-mail address of the client being added
  • (3) The location the client should go to when providing a sample for testing
  • (4) The way the client should be notified when they have been called for testing, either text message or phone call
  • (5) The phone number the portal should use to notify the client on. The platform will either call this number and read an automated message (if "Notify By" is set to "Phone") or text this phone number with an automated message (if "Notify By" is set to "Text Message")
  • (6) The Verification code used to verify that the phone number being added is function and in the possession of the new client
  • (7) On a day when the client needs to submit to a random test in the future, this will be the start time and earliest possible time the portal will push a notification to that user. This time is independent of the publish time of a color
  • (8) The color assigned to the user

In order to add a new client you must fill in or select appropriate values for all fields and then click "Create" (9) in order to create the user and begin the verification process. For more information on the verification process please read our knowledge base article on Client Phone Verification.

By clicking "Create" once you have filled in the form you will both create a new user and trigger the phone verification process. 


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