Client Phone Verification

A TestNotice Portal requires verification of each and every Client user in the system's phone number in order for them to receive notifications of their testing requirements. A user without a verified phone number will not receive automated notifications. This process ensures two critical aspects:

  1. That the client has the ability to receive notifications of their testing requirements with the phone number provided using the technique selected (i.e. they can receive text messages)
  2. That the client is in possession of the phone number provided

When creating a new client user (or working with an existing user), each account has assigned to it a "Verification Code" field:

This phone verification code (1) is set automatically for you when adding a new client user and can be changed to any 6-numeric-digit value you choose. Upon creating the user, or when manually initiating a phone verification the user will be contacted on the phone number associated with their account using the notification technique associated with the account. They will be asked to provide the phone verification code (1) associated with their account.

Because the Client requires the verification code prior to creating their account in the portal you must ensure they are given this verification code early on in their enrollment process. There are a few options open to your agency on how this might be accomplished:

  1. Use a common verification code among all of your clients and inform them of this verification code prior to creating their account
  2. Use a common approach to generating a verification code, such as the client's 6-digit birthday and inform the client of their personalized code. For example April 25th, 1981 = 042581 
  3. Enroll the client on the platform while they are present (and able to receive the phone call if they will be notified via phone) and tell them their verification code

Once a client has successfully verified their phone, their account will reflect it by showing the exact date and time when their phone was verified. Once this has occurred the client will receive notifications of when their account is called on any given day. Phone verification values are valid for as long as the phone number and notification method remain unchanged. If the phone number for an existing client is changed their phone will need to be re-verified. This can be done by clicking the green phone icon associated with the client either from the User Management or User Details screens (2).



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