Adding Agency Users

On the TestNotice platform there are two distinct types of users:

  • Clients: These are users who receive notifications regarding their testing random testing requirements
  • Agency Users: These are users who have access to your portal's backend systems, including calendar management, etc.

Both Clients and Agency Users are managed from the "User Management" tool located after logging in with an existing Agency User on the left-hand toolbar.

This will bring you to the User Management tool where you can add a new Agency User by clicking the "+ Company" button at the top of the page:

This will bring you to the new Agency User form that allows you to provide the details of the new Agency user you would like to create.

  • (1) First Name / Last Name - The first and last name of the new user
  • (2) E-mail address - The login name / e-mail address of the new user
  • (3) Password / Password Confirm: A minimum of 8 character password for the user

Once you have filled in all of the details of the new agency user form click The blue save icon (4) to save the agency user to complete the process. Once the user has been saved they can log in immediately:


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