The Calendar Generator Settings

This article explains the settings of the Calendar Generator and how it affects the generation of a monthly calendar.

The Calendar Generator Settings can be found under Identifier / Controller -> Calendar Generator -> Settings Tab.


User Maximums

The User Maximums define what the system should consider "too many" people testing (based on the identifiers called) for a given day. This limit is based on your agency's capacities for testing during a given day and is calculated by a combination of two values: Your agency's real capacity value (i.e. 30) and the historic percentage of no-shows for testing (i.e. 10%). Using these two values the effective maximum capacity during a day would be 30 + (10% of 30) = 33.

Available Days

The Available Days checkboxes allow you to define what days of the week should be enabled when generating a calendar. Checking the boxes M-F results in no identifiers being called on weekends.

Blackout Days

The Blackout days are what days on your calendar, despite otherwise being valid days for testing, should be omitted when generating a calendar. For example, if you typically do test on Mondays except this month the 3rd Monday is unavailable you simply and click that date to toggle it as a blackout date. When the calendar is generated, it will automatically avoid placing testing users on the selected dates for that month.

The blackout days are not limited to the month you are currently generating a calendar for. You can set blackout days well in advance if you desire.

Frequency %

The Frequency % values consist of five values ranging from "Very Low" to "Very High" and are used to determine how frequently a given identifier is called when the calendar is generated in accordance to NADCP Best Practices. The default value for "Very Low" is 7%, which indicates that when the calendar is generated there is a 7% daily chance that a color that is assigned that frequency will be called on that day, which is equivalent to being called 1 of every 14 days statistically speaking. Note this 7% daily change applies only to those days that have not been excluded for testing for other reasons (such as being a Blackout date or not one of the Available Days).


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