Adding an Identifier to the Active Schedule

In addition to the Calendar Generator provided, which allows you to generate a full month's calendar quickly and easily, the TestNotice platform provides you with the ability to add individual identifiers to the active schedule using the Submit Identifiers tool.

This tool may be used to add a single identifier, or build an entire month's schedule if the Calendar Generator cannot be used.

Add New Identifier

This is a input box for you to add a brand new identifier not previously used in the portal to the calendar. If you have used the identifier in the past you should not use this but rather select the identifier from the "Existing Identifiers" list. Once you have entered the identifier into the text box click the blue (+) button to add it to the "New Identifiers" list.

Existing Identifiers

This is a list of all the previously-used identifiers that are available in the portal. You can select one or more of these identifiers at a time to be added to the active schedule for the portal.

New Identifiers

This is a list of brand new identifiers never before used in the portal, and you can add to this list by using the "Add New Identifier" tool described above. Like the Existing Identifiers, New Identifiers can be selected from this list to be added to the schedule.

Publish Time

This is a time selection tool that lets you specify the time of day the selected identifiers will be published, in local time for the portal.

Publish Dates

This is a calendar date selection tool that allows you to select multiple calendar dates on which the selected identifier(s) should be published (at the time of day specified by the Publish Time tool described above).

Clear Selected Dates

Clicking this button will remove all currently selected calendar days in the "Publish Dates" tool described above, but keep the "Publish Time" value intact. 

Add to Schedule

This button is used to add to or create a list of identifiers that will be submitted to the active schedule. Click this button once you have selected the desired identifier(s), set a publish time, and selected the dates for those identifiers.

Finalize Schedule

Clicking this button should be done once a list of identifiers and their publish dates have been created and reviewed. Once clicked those listed identifiers will be added to the Active Schedule and published in the portal at that date and time.

How to Add an Identifier to the Active Schedule

Here is a step-by-step guide on adding an identifier (or identifiers) to an active schedule:

Step 1: Select the identifier(s)

The first step is to select the identifier(s) you want to add. When making multiple selections keep in mind they must all share the same publish date and time to be done at the same time. If you are adding a new identifier that has not previously been used, you will first need to add it to the "New Identifiers" list described above by using the "Add New Identifier" tool described above.


Step 2: Set the Publish Time for the identifier(s)

Once you have selected the identifier(s) you wish to publish you now can set the publish time for them. This time selection is based on the local time zone as indicated.

Step 3: Select the Date(s) to publish the identifier(s)

Click on the dates in the "Publish Dates" tool described above that you would like the identifier to be published on. You may select as many dates as desired. To unselect a given date simply click the date again. If you would like to clear all the dates you can use the "Clear Selected Dates" button.

Step 4: Add the identifier(s) to the list to be published

Once you have selected the identifier(s) desired, set the publish time and the publish dates you are now ready to add the identifier(s) to the list to be published by clicking the "Add Identifier Dates" button. Doing so will create or add to a list below the Submit Identifiers tool showing you the identifier and the date it is to be added to:

This list is not published yet. It is only a temporary list as you continue to build out the other identifiers you would like to add to the schedule. If you made a mistake you can delete an identifier from this list by clicking the Delete button next to it.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 through 4

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 as necessary to continue to build out your identifier list to be published. 

Step 6: Publish the Identifiers

Once you have completed building the identifier list described in Step 4, you can now proceed to publish this list to the active calendar. To do so, you must first check the certification check box and then click "Save Identifiers"





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