What is included in a TestNotice Identifier / Color Report?

Every TestNotice identifier / color report provides copies of our records in a printable format for the selected week(s) request. If you are a TestNotice subscriber (or optionally provided a specific identifier/color when ordering your report) the report will include two distinct sections: A section showing every time that specific identifier/color was called according to our records, and A section showing every identifier/color called for the week(s) selected.

If you would like to see a sample report, one is available here: Sample Report

What is not included in a TestNotice Report

TestNotice identifier/color reports do not include any special court-wide requests for testing that may have occurred that were not specifically identified by color. Only which colors were called, on what days, is provided. 

Are TestNotice reports accurate?

TestNotice identifier/color reports are based on the data we have collected from various sources. For testing providers we have a relationship with, this information is given to us directly by the testing provider. For other providers, this information is taken from public sources such as their web site and thus cannot be considered official records. TestNotice cannot verify the accuracy of identifier publication information for testing providers that we do not have a direct relationship with.

What if I need a Custom Report?

If you require a customized report beyond the standard identifier/color report provided. Please e-mail us at and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.


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